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You never need an appointment at AFC Urgent Care Kingston Pike. We strive to have patients in and out in under an hour and a provider is always on-site.


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Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic in Knoxville, TN

Kingston Pike is the pulse of Knoxville, connecting Downtown and West Knoxville with miles of elite shopping complexes, fine dining, and a range of entertainment. When you’re going from store to store or eating at your favorite restaurant, the last thing you want is a stomachache, sore throat, headache, or any other illnesses to disturb your day. Our team of top tier medical professionals will give you fast, high-quality, and cost-effective care you need to get you feeling better in no time. Whether you’re driving from Downtown or Farragut on Kingston Pike, AFC Urgent Care is conveniently located in the center of the shopping highway near several pharmacies to get you the fast relief you need.

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Kingston Pike leads you to the perfect destinations for a day out on the town. With complexes like West Town Mall, Market Place Shopping Center, and several other self-standing shops there are so many places to visit and restaurants to try, perfect for all age groups. At AFC Urgent Care, we understand it’s never convenient for sickness or accidents to occur. Our doctors and physicians want to treat you as quickly as possible to get you back to the excitement of Knoxville’s city life. Visit us between South Northshore Drive and South Weisgarber Road, next to Taziki’s, 7 days a week with no appointment necessary. At our walk-in clinic, we treat common illnesses such as sinus infections, upset stomachs, strep throat, and more.

AFC Urgent Care wants you to stay safe while shopping and dining.

When you’re out in a high traffic area, it’s easy to catch and spread contagious illnesses like strep throat or the flu.

Visit our walk-in clinic if you begin experiencing these flu symptoms:

  • fever
  • body aches
  • chills
  • sore throat
  • persistent cough or
  • fatigue

Physicians recommend treatment within 48 hours to reduce the severity of your symptoms and length of your illness. 

It’s just as important to watch for these strep symptoms, especially in children:

  • high fever
  • sore throat with white patches
  • loss of appetite
  • swollen neck lymph nodes while out in public

Malls and shopping centers can be high transmission areas for contagious illnesses, so it is essential to thoroughly wash your hands and take precautions to stay healthy. If you experience these symptoms while you’re out, visit our walk-in clinic so our team can help you find a solution.

This popular highway is expanding with new developments like Farragut Town Center at Biddle Farms, bringing additional shops and housing to the area. With new businesses and housing developments, healthy employees and residents must fill them. At AFC Urgent Care, we want to keep this community healthy as it continues growing into one of the most popular areas in East Tennessee.

It’s easy for accidents and injuries to occur in public, especially in busy environments.

As you’re out roaming the stores, remember a few tips to prevent accidents or injury:

  • Wear proper footwear
  • Avoid shopping on an empty stomach
  • Stay hydrated
  • Watch your surroundings

If you do find yourself with an injury, stop by AFC Urgent Care on Kingston Pike where our team of doctors, nurses, and X-ray technicians are ready to help you.

Why should I visit an urgent care instead of the emergency room?

Emergency rooms are infamous for long wait times and expensive bills, making it a long, dreadful experience when you need treatment for common illnesses or injuries. More than 70% of emergency room visits can be treated at urgent care in significantly less time for a fraction of the cost. The average emergency room bill is $1,300 while the average urgent care visit is $100. At AFC Urgent Care, you don’t have to sacrifice your time or money for high-quality care. Our walk-in clinic is an affordable and reliable healthcare alternative when you need help. Visit us for the care you need so you can enjoy all the fun you can find along Kingston Pike.

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